Echoes of Departure


Echoes of Departure

Mom Fight, An Action Comedy Short Film

Mom Fight, An Action Comedy Short Film

I’ve always dreamt of being a super hero.  So….we made a short film!

Logline – Two moms seek the hottest toy this holiday season at the local toy , the problem is, there’s only one left.

When full-time mom Jackie Lee goes on a quest to find the hottest toy of the year for her six year old son this Christmas, she is confronted with her worst fear, another mom with an equal desire to get it. With only one toy left in the store, these two female powerhouses engage in a kung-fu infused MOM FIGHT – turns out the only thing stronger than a mother’s love is her punch.

Mom Fight is an action packed comedy short that asks the question – Just how far are moms willing to go for their kids? Pretty darn far apparently!

This film is our love letter to moms, and acts as a visual metaphor for the struggles they endure while being a mom.

© Jennifer Khoe 2021

"What if i fall? Oh my darling but what if you fly?"

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